Summary Care Records (SCR) – Information for Patients

Summary Care Records are an electronic record of important information created by GP medical records. They can be seen and used by authorised staff in other areas of the health and care system involved in the patient’s direct care (

Access to SCR information means that health and care professionals can give you better care if you are away from your usual doctor’s surgery in following circumstances:

  • in an emergency
  • when you’re on holiday
  • when your surgery is closed
  • at out-patient clinics
  • when you visit a pharmacy

At a minimum, the SCR holds important information about;

  • current medication
  • allergies and details of any previous bad reactions to medicines
  • the name, address, date of birth and NHS number of the patient

Asking your doctor to include additional information on your SCR

You can add more information to your SCR by asking  your doctor. They can add extra details from your medical notes, including:

  • health problems like dementia or diabetes
  • details of your carer
  • your treatment preferences
  • communication needs, for example if you have hearing difficulties or need an interpreter

By having access to this information, the health and care professionals will have a better way of understanding your needs and preferences, and will therefore enable them to care for you more holistically, and respect your choices. Looking at your SCR can speed up your care and make sure you are given the right medicines and treatment.

Protecting your SCR information

Staff will ask your permission to look at your SCR (except in an emergency) and only staff with the right levels of security clearance can access the system, so your information is secure. You can ask us to show you a record of who has looked at your SCR – this is called a Subject Access Request.

Opting out

SCRs improve care, but if you don’t want to have one you can opt out. To do this, please click on the link below. Print and fill in the form and hand in or post to reception.

You can always opt back in if you wish to. Just ask at reception to do this.

SCR Opt-Out Form