Fees for Non-NHS Work

From April 1st 2021

Private Sickness Certificate £18.70
Private Consultation £74.20
Driving License or Passport Countersignature/Verification (inc VAT)
(Only for patients that have been know for 2 years or more)
Employment letter (inc VAT) £66.00
Firearm/Shotgun certificate report to police (ex VAT) £32.30-£53.80
Holiday Cancellation Certificate
(if examination required) 

Fitness to Travel Certificate
(if examination required)


Letter re medication when travelling £13.00
Letter re unfit to sit exam £13.00
Freedom from Infection Certificate £18.70
Sickness/Accident Benefit claim form
(First certificate)
(Ensuring certificates)
Private Medical Examinations
e.g. HGV*/PSV/Employment/Sports/etc. (inc VAT)
Taxi Medical* (inc VAT) £74.00
Private Prescriptions £13.00
Drugs supplied on Private Prescriptions Cost of drugs + VAT+20%+£5
DVLA Medical for over 75’s (inc VAT) £56.80

*Patients making appointments for HGV/Taxi medicals should bring their form, a urine sample and their glasses if worn.